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A Guide To Motorbike Insurance

Unfortunately, it is all too common for motorbikes to get into accidents; therefore it is vital to ensure you are correctly insured should you face an accident.

The new Constant Insurance Enforcement laws mean that all vehicles, including motorbikes, need to be constantly ensured – even when they aren’t on the road. The only way of avoiding this is if the vehicle isn’t used at all and declared as SORN.


So with this is mind, how do you find decent motorbike insurance? Here are some tips:

  • As with cars and most other vehicles, third party insurance is the minimum cover you can insure with. This type of cover means that should you get in an accident, your insurance will cover any damage to their vehicle and injury to them or their passengers. It will also cover any passengers you carry.
  • Fully comprehensive cover however will cover third parties and yourself, should you get into an accident. This mean you should be covered for any damage to yourself or your bike.
  • There are specialised categories for motorbike insurance, depending on your type of bike. For example, classic bike insurance and electric bike insurance may be cheaper than insuring your standard motorbike.
  • The type of bike you own will usually affect how expensive your insurance is, usually the more powerful and expensive your bike, the higher the insurance premiums due to increased risk of accidents and theft.
  • Where you live can also affect bike insurance quotes – areas with heavy traffic and high crime levels will incur a higher premium.
  • You may able to drive down the price of your premium by taking care to secure your bike by investing in locks, alarms and immobilisers. It will also help if you have a garage to store it in.
  • A smaller engine can also help drive down bike costs are you’ll use less fuel.
  • To minimise injury to yourself when riding your motorbike, it is essential to wear the right protective clothing and a high quality helmet. This may also be a requirement of your policy. Motorbike accidents are all too common, so it vital to take the correct precautions.
  • As with cars, age is also a prevalent factor towards the price of your policy. Younger and inexperience riders will unfortunately face higher premiums.
  • As tempting as it may be to modify your bike, it may increase your premium if they are performance or aesthetically enhancing.
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