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Before Riding Into the Sunset, Have the Right Motorcycle Gear

When you are operating a car, there are not many considerations you must have for your attire—as far as safety goes, you are already being protected within the vehicle. This is not the same case for motorcycle riders though; it is imperative that before you hop on your bike, you have all the right gear. Having quality motorcycle gear such as helmets and the right motorcycle boot could mean the difference between survival or death—this is not meant to be a scar tactic, rather a blunt truth that motorcycle riders must face every day.

Why the Special Gear?

When you are on a motorcycle your body is exposed to forces that are not found within a vehicle. Should you be involved in an accident, your body is very vulnerable and there is a good chance you will be ejected from or pinned under your bike—so you want to protect your body the best you can. No one plans on being involved in an accident; therefore it would be reckless not to dress appropriately every time you go out because you never know what could happen on that ride.

The Helmet

This is by far the most important piece of gear for any rider, according to Popular Mechanics. They explained that it is not just about having something on your head; you need to protect your face as well. The Department of Transportation suggests that all riders wear helmets with full-face coverage. You will want to look into the crash testing of a helmet before you purchase to ensure that it has fared well in dangerous situations. An injury to the head can be the only injury that needs to happen to end your days, having the right helmet can prevent that.

The Boots

A motorcycle is definitely not the place for sandals or shoes that cannot take a beating. Your feet with be experiencing hits from all sides, according to Popular Mechanics, so having the right motorcycle boot is key to protect your feet on everyday rides and in case an accident should occur. The Popular Mechanics report also explained that, shocking as it may be, dress shoes or sneakers equated to the same amount of safety as flip-flops in motorcycle crash tests—so go with the boots and if you need to change your shoes when you get there.

You should also make sure you wear pants and jackets that can sustain a slide on the pavement, which you can’t ride in a suit of armor you need to do your best to protect your body. Once you get the right gear you are ready to ride.

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