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Brief History of Saddlebags

Motorcycle Saddle bags have been really popular among the biker since a long period of time. Saddle bags have not evolved recently their history goes back in the past to 1950’s when these versatile motorcycle saddlebags were used for the very first time. There are many types of saddle bags but throw over was the type forerunner which was used in that era. Along with throw over type of saddle bags, hard mount saddlebags also started to evolve gradually with the time.

Motorcycles were always popular but in 1960s the motorcycle industry started flourishing so much and it was in it full boom, which also increased the demand of saddle bags. Most of the people started using their motorcycles for business purposes as they could luggage along with them. Keeping this thing in mind even bigger stylish saddlebags started being manufactured and then slowly the demand of hard mount saddlebags started increasing.

As motorcycle had become very popular, people started working on it accessories, saddle bag was an important accessory and work was being done on its development around the clock. The motorcycle manufacturers started manufacturing motorcycles that could travel to even longer distance which increased the popularity of saddle bags to an immense level, as they were very practical and appealing.


Saddle bags

Now the saddle bags’ manufacturers started working on improving the ways of attaching the saddle bags on bike even more easily. Besides all this the Japanese realized the demand of saddlebags so they started designing and manufacturing motorcycles in a way that they became even more saddlebags’ friendly. An important change they made in designing motorcycle was this that saddle bags were mounted without covering the turn signals. This was a common problem that was faced by all smaller bikes. This made the saddle bags even more convenient and increased its demand.


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