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Car Insurance Claims Made Easy

We all drive our cars safely, but every once in a while, bad things happen while you are in your vehicle. The diversity of these bad things varies, depending upon how you were driving and how the other drivers on the road were driving. If you are driving with your full concentration on the road that does not means that other drivers are doing the same, because everyone gets distracted somehow. Therefore, keep in mind that accidents do happen, even if it is a minor fender bender. However, the way you deal with the situation, will determine who and how the damages will be repaid.

Car insurance claims seem tricky and complicated procedures, but if you know how to handle a situation when you get into an accident, you can easily file for an insurance claim.

Steps For Filing Car Insurance Claim

#Exchange Information at the Scene
When you get into an accident and after making sure that everything is OK and everyone is fine, you need to gather the following information from the other driver(s).

  • Contact information (name, address, and phone number)
  • License plate number
  • Insurance carrier’s name
  • Policy number and phone number
  • Pictures (not necessary, but very helpful in filing your claim) of the scene (of your car – from different angles, and other driver’s car as well )

#Call in the Car Insurance Claim
It is best that you file for claim within 24-48 hours. Some insurance companies offer 24 hour claims services and/or allow you to track your claim online as well. Make sure that you report all damages as well as any injuries suffered during the accident.

#Claim is Investigated and Claim is Determined
The claim adjuster from the insurance company will review both accounts (yours and other driver’s), and possibly view the damages to both cars. ‘IF’ your claim is approved, the adjuster will take a look at your car, either at your place or at the body shop and estimate the claim amount. This entire process takes approximately 30-45 days, so be patient.

When filing for claim, people often worry that their claim will affect their car insurance rates. This is true, but it entirely depends on a number of things such as the type of accident you were in, how many claims/accidents you previously had, insurance company’s rating system, and state laws. Many other questions might pop in your head about car insurance and it is important that you research about them to see if their answers matter in filing car insurance claim.

Author Bio:
David is an executive at auto transport depot (a network of auto carriers). He has written articles and helping tips for readers looking for affordable vehicle transportation.


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