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Road to Safety with Motorcycle Jacket

Thursday, 6 March, 2014

Motorcycle jackets are primarily designed to keep the biker safe from an injury and the influence of weather during the ride. In addition, they are also a prominent fashion statement of a biker reflecting his or her style, class, and the personality type. The style and the brand you choose talk much about you. But, […]

A Guide To Motorbike Insurance

Thursday, 21 February, 2013

Unfortunately, it is all too common for motorbikes to get into accidents; therefore it is vital to ensure you are correctly insured should you face an accident. The new Constant Insurance Enforcement laws mean that all vehicles, including motorbikes, need to be constantly ensured – even when they aren’t on the road. The only way […]

Despite State Laws, All Motorcycle Riders Should Utilize Helmets

Wednesday, 6 February, 2013

It is an undisputed fact that the use of a helmet when riding a motorcycle can monumentally change the outcome of an accident. Despite that, there are only 19 states in this country that have helmet laws in place for all riders; another 28 others have laws for novice riders while New Hampshire does not […]

Six Surprising Ways to Use Less Gas

Monday, 26 November, 2012

Conserving gasoline is the goal of all drivers who are feeling the pain of high gas prices. It’s essential to save every drop of gas possible, because you don’t want to pay more than you already have to. There are lots of ways to improve your gas mileage, and most of them are obvious, such […]

Biker Vest Made of Leather Lifting Your Personality

Friday, 9 November, 2012

Motorcycle riding is a thrilling but somewhat risky activity as the rider may face some severe accident while riding on his/her motorcycle. But it is also said that to have something valuable you, have to take risk. You cannot eliminate this risk factor from motorcycle traveling however you can minimize it in number of ways. […]

Motorcycle Jackets Essential for Having Secure Ride

Thursday, 25 October, 2012

Motorcycle riding is an activity that requires appropriate security precautions. The saying “care is better than cure” applies here also. During riding a motorcycle you are fully exposed to any potential calamity. If you wear all the security gears before riding your motorcycle then there are very rare chances of getting seriously injured in case […]

Features which are considered to be present in Motorcycle Gloves

Tuesday, 9 October, 2012

There is a wide variety of motorcycle apparels available in the market. One of these apparels is cushy motorcycle gloves which are easily available in a different colors and designs. Gloves are very important apparels because these gloves provide protection to the most vulnerable part of body during the ride. The whole ride on a […]

Benchmarks for having a particular Motorcycle Apparel

Monday, 8 October, 2012

Motorcycles are considered the most used vehicles around the world. There are a lot of brands out there whose motorcycles are frequently seen on the roads. Some of the famous brands are Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson and Victory. Whichever brand’s motorcycle one owns, he/she will certainly have the same need for wearing essential motorcycle […]

Motorcycle Jacket: A symbol of style as well as security

Friday, 5 October, 2012

Motorcycle riding is an activity that can result in any hazardous situation. One cannot have complete escape from the risk of getting injured but there are certain measures which can help a lot in minimizing the risk of getting seriously injured if some road accident occurs. There is wide range of motorcycle apparels available in […]

What Purpose Does Motorcycle Rain Gear Serve?

Thursday, 4 October, 2012

Similar to the unpleasant repercussions of a completely drenched saddlebag, bike apparel seeped with rain water can serve as a source of constant nuisance for a biker as well. In addition to the inconvenience caused by soaked biker wear, numerous health problems such as flu, influenza and bronchitis can also originate from wearing damp pants, […]