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Choose Right Type of Installation Method for Your Indian Bags

Indian motorcycle is one of the prestigious motorcycles in the world. These motorcycles are very famous for their stylish and colorful exterior. You can go anywhere riding on these motorcycles. They are available in different models from which you can choose one for you. No doubt riding a motorcycle seems very attractive but it does not provide you enough space for carrying all the required belongings along with you. Indian Bags are there for carrying belongings along with an Indian motorcycle. There is available a large variety of these saddlebags in the market. However saddlebags must be attached with the motorcycle through appropriate installation methods.

Following is given some detail about the two installation methods i.e. Throw over Mounting Method and Fixed Mounting Method:

1)      Throw Over Mounting Method Saves Time and Effort:

Indian bags should be attached with the motorcycle using throw over mounting method if you want to save your time and effort in attaching and detaching the saddlebags from the motorcycle. There are now available disconnect brackets for the hard saddlebags which enable the rider to install these hard bags on the motorcycle in no time. Furthermore the leather made motorcycle luggage bags can be installed using throw over leather brackets easily available in the market.

2)      Throw over Mounting Might Not Prove Suitable for Fast Traveling:

As the bags attached through throw over mounting method are attached with the motorcycle through brackets, these bags might get detached from the motorcycle during traveling at high speed or due to jerks and bounces during the ride. So before going to ride always check for the properly attached brackets of these saddlebags.

3)      Fixed Installation Method Resulting In Smooth Ride:

The second installation method i.e. Fixed Mounting method involves the attachment of motorcycle saddlebags through bolts. The bags attached under this method are very rare to detach during traveling thus enabling the rider to have a smooth and uninterrupted ride.

4)      Fixed Mounting Reduce Accident during Ride:

The bags attached under fixed installation are strongly attached with the motorcycle. These strongly attached bags avoid the risk of a road accident that might result due to the detachment of a bag. The rider might also be distracted due to the detachment of bags from the motorcycle ultimately resulting in a road accident.

Now you would have an idea about the two installation methods and the consequences of using them. Whichever of the two types of installation method you choose always check your vikingbags before going to a ride that whether they are tightly attached with the motorcycle or not.



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