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Different Types of A Motorcycle Glove

To some extent Motorcycle riding is dangerous in which the rider can have a road rash at any time. Motorcycle apparels are used to keep the rider safe from possible calamities. The smallest of these apparels is motorcycle glove. Despite of the small size of this apparel, it is considered very valuable because it provides required level of protection to the hands of rider. There are available gloves with wide variety of materials and can be worn in different weather conditions.

Beneath is given some detail of the different types of motorcycle gloves which facilitate a rider during ride:


1)      Thermal Gloves are now Available:

If you are living in a very cold area where motorcycle riding becomes a tough job then thermal gloves are a great blessing for your hands because thermal Gloves play the role like a heater, certain volts of current is used to keep the gloves warm. These gloves are to be attached with some battery. These gloves have zipper covering in order to quickly plug in battery wires.


2)       Leather Gloves are  the Widely Used Ones:

Leather is the most commonly used material in motorcycle apparels because leather is the only toughest material made from animals hide. Gloves are also made of leather providing the rider with the required level security. You can have full fingers or half fingers gloves for your hands depending on your comfort level. Leather motorcycle gloves women are available in different designs.


3)      Vented or Mesh Gloves:

The vented and Mesh Gloves are very useful to be worn in summer seasons or during the noon timings. These gloves have small holes on the back side and near the joints of fingers allowing the breathing of hands. In this way these gloves provide ventilation facility to the hands of the rider.


4)      Short length or Full Length Gloves:

Just like the selection of a motorcycle luggage is very much affected by the weather condition. A rider can have short length or full length pair of gloves depending on the length of the sleeves of the jacket worn by him/her and on the weather condition. If it is summer it is better to use short length gloves to allow air to go through the sleeves of the jacket. On the other hand full length gloves are useful in winters.

Above mentioned are some of the different types of motorcycle gloves which can be used under different circumstances by the rider. One can have a pair of gloves matching to that of the Viking Bags attached with the motorcycle.



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