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Harley Bags and their features

Harley Davidson motorcycles are one of the most popular and amazingly practical motorcycles especially when one has to travel for long distances. When you have to make a ride for long distances, you should carry all the important belongings which you could need during the traveling. There are many bags available in the market which can be used to carry luggage. The widely used bags among these are saddlebags, sissy bar bags, motorcycle trunks and many others. The Harley Saddlebags add to the gorgeous looking Harley motorcycles. These Stylish Harley bags provide maximum space for carrying luggage as compared to any other motorcycle bag. These bags have following characteristics due to which these bags are the most used ones:


Variety of designs:

These bags are available in a variety of designs. The leather bags have many styles like studded, plain and shapes of slanted, cubic and many more. You can select a Harley bag that suits best with the appearance of your motorcycle. Hard bags are also available in new designs. The hard bags add a stylish and glamorous look to your huge Harley motorcycle.


Availability in pairs:

Availability of these bags in pairs makes them very useful for carrying large amounts of luggage. This feature of Harley saddlebags is a unique feature of these bags and no other bag provides this feature. Therefore one can carry maximum luggage through Harley bags as compared to other motorcycle bags.


Maximum Protection of belongings:

These motorcycle saddlebags are made in such a way that these provide maximum protection to the belongings. The hard saddlebags have an external body made of fiber glass. The inner soft covering saves the delicate luggage like electronics etc. from getting scratches from the walls of the bags. The leather bags are made from pure leather and the inner hard frame provide the required level of safety to the belongings.


Installation of saddlebags:

These saddlebags can be installed by using two methods; fixed mounting system and throw over mounting system.  The hard saddlebags are usually installed using fixed mounting system because it ensures that the bag is tightly attached to the motorcycle. However these bags can now be easily attached and detached using disconnect brackets. These brackets are easily available at motorcycle stores now. Moreover it also depends on the type of ride you want to make. If you have to make long distant ride, fixed mounting system is used because it ensures that the bag will not be detached accidentally during the ride.


Above mentioned are some of the features of Harley bags. These bags are suitable for all models of Harley motorcycles like Harley Dyna Saddlebags are suitable to be used with Harley Dyna motorcycles.


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