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Honda planning high end motorcycle launch for late 2013

Honda is known for producing reliable and affordable cars and motorcycles, most of which are within the price range of average drivers and riders. This is an approach that has helped it to build a respected brand over the years, but that does not mean that it avoids all dalliances with the ridiculous.

Its wild side will manifest itself later in the year in the form of the RC213V 1000cc V4, which is currently in development and is set to go on sale for the princely sum of €1 million (£856,000) according to GizMag.


Power Player

For all intents and purposes this bike is equipped with the same capabilities as a competitive MotoGP machine and is designed to be sold to racing teams so that they can get ready for the 2014 season. Since this is a production bike it is going to be available to anyone who has enough cash to cover its admittedly steep asking price, although it is worth pointing out that the MotoGP  Honda bikes on which it is based can creep closer to £3 million. This makes it relatively cheap by comparison.

Honda has had to make some compromises on the RC213V in order to bring down costs. So, instead of pneumatic valve actuation you get standard valve springs, while the seamless quick shift gearbox has been swapped for a more traditional unit.

Release Plans

Honda spokesperson Shuhei Nakamoto said that the company had yet to settle on a name for the bike, let alone determine the final specifications or exact pricing when it comes to market. Testing carried out at a Japanese circuit last month was a success and Honda has said that it is not going to place a limit on the number of these bikes that are produced. This is good news for both the professionals and other potential buyers, since there will be no shortage of supply. In fact reports suggest that the bike was even able to exceed the expectations of its engineers, which bodes well for its mainstream release.

Honda has not created a production bike that is capable of holding its own in competitive races for 12 years, which means that this particular model is definitely going to be popular amongst enthusiasts with deep pockets.

Back in 2001 the NSR500V was sold to 22 buyers, several of whom wanted it for private use, so there is certainly a precedent.

It will be interesting to see whether there is a high level of demand for this high performance motorbike. Whatever the case, it is destined to further embellish Honda’s reputation for quality, engineering and straight line speed.

Of course if you have not got the best part of a million pounds lying around then you could always pick one of Honda’s more affordable options. For long distance slogs there is the Silverwing, while appealing scooters like the SH125i will let you pop around town without waking up the entire neighbourhood as you go about your business.