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How to Clean Motorcycle Jackets?

If you want to carry stylish looks along with staying protected on the motorcycle than motorcycle jacket is the perfect option which fulfills both the requirements. But maintain the looks one needs to keep this stylish motorcycle vest clean. As motorcycle is an open vehicle with no roof so the biker jacket gets dusty and dirty. Air pollution can even worsen the cleanliness of the biker jacket. Sweat strains and bug mettle can kill the appearance of your motorcycle jacket even more. For staying cool one should keep his or her motorcycles jackets clean. There are certain steps for maintaining the cleanliness of biker jackets:


1)      Step One

Step one to clean fashionable motorcycle riding jackets is to remove the armor and the entire padding from the motorcycle jacket, because if these are not removed and the biker jacket is washed with armor and inner padding, there will be chances that motor cycle jackets can get damaged. So make sure to remove the armor and inner padding.

2)      Step Two

After you are done with removing the armor and inner padding, take a tub with soapy water, dip a sponge in that and rub it over the jacket for cleaning. Another simple way cleaning leather motorcycle jackets is to pour cold water in machine and wash it. Make sure armor and padding have been removed; otherwise your exclusive jacket for motorcycle would be gone.

3)      Step Three

Start cleaning from removing the dry strains. If there are any strains of tar, add vinegar to the soapy solution, take a towel dip it in solution and press it over the strain, don’t rub because it can result in strains being permanent.

Cleaning is not limited to the motorcycle apparels only the entire motorcycle luggage including Motorcycle saddlebags should be cleaned properly, as they are exposed to the dirt and dust in the same way.



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