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Keeping Your Motorbike In Good Nick

Many motorcyclists take great pride in their motorbikes, devoting hours to maintaining and cleaning their trusty bike. For those new to the world of motorbikes or those looking for extra advice on how to keep their motorbikes running smoothly and looking good, here are some pointers on the art of motorbike maintenance.


Your motorbike’s tyres are probably the most important part of the bike. Tyre damage on a motorbike is potentially far more seriously than tyre damage on a car as it could cause your bike to lose its equilibrium and crash. Good grip is essential, so check your tyres’ pressure and treads regularly and replace the tyres when needed. Look out for any irregularities on your tyres such as cuts, bulges or objects that might have become stuck in them, such as nails or glass.

Oil Levels

Oil levels should also be checked regularly. You should replace the oil after approximately every 4,000km travelled or about once every three months, whichever comes first. Every now and then, run a rag over the lines to check for leaks and if you’ve left your bike standing overnight, examine the ground under the bike for drops of oil as this indicates the presence of leaks. When storing your motorbike for long periods of time, drain the oil from the bike as it can cause damage if left unused for months. Before you go anywhere on your bike, let it warm up for a few minutes – this gives the oil time to line the engine.

Brake Fluid and Coolant

Both brake fluid and coolant levels should also be checked regularly. Running out of brake fluid while riding your bike could have fatal consequences for you and others and coolant serves to prevent the engine from overheating.

Other Considerations

Always keep an eye out for any broken parts, loose spokes, leaks, hardened rubber hoses or anything else wrong with your bike and either fix them yourself, if you’re up to the job, or mention them to the mechanic when you get your bike serviced.


When it comes to cosmetics, most motorcyclists wash their bikes regularly to keep them looking slick on the road. Plus, regular washing will protect the paintwork, keeping your bike looking good for longer. If you leave your motorbike outside, cover it to protect it from damage caused by different weather conditions.

If you give your bike the love it deserves, checking it regularly and attending to any faults or damage, it’ll stay looking good and, most importantly, keep you safe on the road.

This article was written by mechanic Graham O’Neill on behalf of a solicitor specializing in motorbike accident claims.


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