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Motorcycle Saddlebag-The most important Type of Motorcycle Luggage

Are you a passionate motorcycle rider and want to discover new places along with your motorcycle? Well if it is the case, then you would certainly need to carry some important luggage along with yourself. There is a variety of motorcycle luggage available in the market like motorcycle saddlebags, hard saddlebags, sissy bar bags, motorcycle trunks, swing arm bags and many more. All these bags are used for carrying luggage up to the capacity possessed by them. Some bags are made to carry small sized belongings like your mobile phone and sun glasses etc., however other bags accommodate the carriage of large amounts of luggage. The choice of selecting the type of motorcycle luggage depends on the rider and the extent to which luggage would be carried in that particular bag. Motorcycle Saddlebags are considered one of the most important types of motorcycle luggage because of following reasons:


Available in Pairs:

Motorcycle saddlebags are available in pairs which results in carrying large amount of luggage as compared to other motorcycle bags. This is the unique feature of saddlebags which no other bag yet has.


Made in variety of materials:

Motorcycle saddlebags are made in a variety of materials like plastic, ABS, leather and fiber glass. These materials add different levels of robustness to the bag. Leather saddlebags are very long lasting as leather is quite tough material. The second most used material is fiber glass. Bags made from fiber glass are called hard saddlebags. These lockable saddlebags hard enough to be broken, look like an integrated part of motorcycle.


Protect Luggage in Severe Weather Conditions:

Hard Saddlebags are air tight as well as water proof. These features of hard bags help in keeping the luggage safe from severe weather conditions. If it is raining, you can carry your important document fearlessly along with your motorcycle using the water proof Saddlebag. Water resistant linings can be used with leather saddlebags. The air tight bag keeps the eatables safe from dust, thus keeping the food hygienic during the ride.


Can be installed using through disconnect brackets:

Leather saddlebags are installed either by fix mounting system or throw over mounting system. It facilitates the biker to save it’s time and effort but hard bags are usually mounted using fix mounting system. This is a time consuming process. Now Disconnect brackets are available for hard saddlebags. You can easily add or remove the hard bag with the motorcycle using these brackets.


Above are some reasons that why saddlebags are considered the most important among all the other motorcycle bags. One should be very careful while purchasing these motorcycle bags, the right sized saddlebag should be purchased from a reputed manufacturer.



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