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Safety Tips for Your Scooter Competitions

We all know about bike racing, whether it’s acrobatic or speed racing, but not many might realize that scooter competitions also exist.

Just because you are on a small kick scooter however, it doesn’t mean that you can just ignore safety, you need to make sure you are well equipped because a fall can be dangerous, especially if you are performing acrobatics.

Put On Your Helmet

If on an idle afternoon you get a call from your friends: they were planning to go on this lovely track and compete. It sounds like a good idea, and it is, however don’t forget your helmet.

You might want to find something that’s light, but also fairly sturdy. Helmets shouldn’t impair your vision and your head movement since the scooter itself is quite light and agile.

A biker helmet works well for this.


Whether you want to use gloves or not is up to you, although they tend to be more useful if you are doing acrobatics.

Gloves however can help you maintain a good grip, especially if you use mountain bike gloves or similar and if you do wind up scooting on a cold day, they can prevent stiffness or numbness in your fingers.

Pads for Elbows and Knees

If you are only going out for a ‘scooter walk’ to buy your groceries you really don’t need this. But if you are competing it’s probably a good idea to put these on.

Find some that aren’t too tight and protect you well, they don’t need to be expensive, but if you are jumping around you want to make sure you have pads to land on, as a broken elbow or knee will certainly stop you from jumping again for a while.

Once again you are likely to find the right pads if you look through mountain bike accessories.

Buy a Quality Scooter

There are a lot of scooters for sale, but finding the right one is important. You might have stumbled into racing or competitions with the scooter you got given for Christmas but chances are it was designed for a stroll around town.

So make sure you have a look around and find the right scooter for you. Read reviews, make sure it’s sturdy especially if you are looking into doing a lot of jumping. Before you just stick to your cheap first-scooter-ever friend, let me ask you this, “How much are your teeth worth?”


Gavin Harvey is a personal trainer who likes to combine leisure with sports. Here he writes for buybikes247.