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Sissy Bar Bags- Ideal for You and Your Traveling Partner!

Whereas solitary traveling does not create many problems, you’ll need to have a large-sized, durable luggage carrier if you plan on taking a hiking trip with your partner. Most bikers who like to bring along a traveling companion, regard sissy bar bags as the most reliable luggage bags available in the market. Outlined below are some of the multifarious advantages of sissy bar luggage bags.

1.      Shape Retention Afforded By Cardura

Cardura is a strong fabric that is renowned for its remarkable ability to guarantee shape retention over the years. Motorcycle sissy bags that are manufactured from Cardura will not display signs of sagging over the years. Similar to Suzuki bags, sissy bar luggage carriers manufactured from Cardura have high tensile strength and will therefore, not get torn or damaged despite rough handling.

2.      High Quality Stitching

If you plan on traveling with a companion, you need to opt for the sort of motorcycle luggage that will easily carry your accessories as well as your partner’s; it will come as a pleasant surprise to you that a sissy bar bag has reinforced stitching at the seams that will keep it in an orderly shape despite the presence of heavy items. Additionally, high quality stitching also adds to the bag’s durability.

3.      Detachable Roll Bag

For a hiking trip, you need to pack as many accessories as possible. Motorcycle sissy bags come with a detachable roll bag at the top that can effectively accommodate your biking gear, weather apparel, disposable utensils and eatables. The waterproof exterior of these roll bags will prevent you and your partner’s traveling gear from becoming damp.

4.      Chrome Polished Zipper Pulls

The zipper pulls of these bags have a chrome polished surface that makes them rust resistant; hence, you can rest assured that the hardware of these bags will not get damaged even if it is exposed to brutal weather conditions such as sleet, hail storms or hurricanes. This stand out characteristic makes motorcycle sissy bar bags the most intelligent option for hikers, campers and mountaineers!


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