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Strikingly Sleek and Stylish- Leather Chopper Bags

Made of hard wearing leather, leather chopper bags are durable and have promising exterior appeal.   Most of these bags have fully reinforced plastic body and lid that prevents the bag from sagging and ensures everlasting shape retention.

In addition to this, chopper bags have a straight back manufactured from heavy-duty ABS plastic that serves to protect the bag’s belongings and also prevents the bag from long-term wear and tear. These bags are mainly available in black color but in recent years other colors have also been launched in the market.

Moreover, these saddlebags have been designed in a manner that enables them to fit any model of Harley Davidson, Yamaha or Kawasaki, thereby making them a beloved must-have item for every motorcycle enthusiast.

Chopper saddlebags are a breathtaking manifestation of quality workmanship, classic style and attention to detail. Some of these artistic bags have hand-laced braided edges as well that add to the bag’s sleek appearance.

In terms of storage capacity, this motorcycle luggage has an internal central compartment that is ideal for safe keeping of iPhones, e-book readers, motorcycle gloves etc. If you have an innate inclination towards photography and like capturing beautiful scenes such as a bird nestling amongst its young ones in total oblivion of the surrounding world, then these chopper bags will serve as your vital companion during your various solitary excursions.

The rivets, studs and buckles of these bags are made from chrome polished stainless steel that adds to the bags’ aesthetic beauty. Furthermore, these bags can be mounted on the side of the motorcycle and thus, will not get in the way of your riding or obstruct your vision.  For attachment purposes, leather straps or belts are provided with the bags that enable the rider to comfortably mount the bags without undergoing any form of physical or mental stress. In addition to this, for added convenience these bags come with a shoulder strap as well that provides the biker an opportunity to carry these bags while traveling on foot.


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