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Things to Carry for a Cool Bike Trip

tripA bike trip around the country is the dream of every adrenaline junkie. This is an excellent and inexpensive way to travel around places. To make your bike trip a comfortable one, you will need to take with you some essential accessories. Topping this list are items like biker clothes, sleeping bag, and camping tent. Apart from these items, there are other things that are mentioned below, which you should take with you on your bike trip.

Carry a rain gear

It’s quite possible that you get rained upon during your bike trip. A rain can stall your trip for sometime and can make it difficult for you to move forward. Moreover, going out in the rain can take a toll upon your health and make you fall sick. To avoid these unwanted circumstances, it is recommended that you carry with you a rain gear. With suitable rain gear, you can still go biking even when it rains and also save yourself from getting wet.

Flat repair kit is a must

Along with the rain gear, you should also equip yourself with a flat repair kit. The kit should contain essential items like a pump, tire levers, spare tires, and tire patches. This kit will help you out in case you get a flat tire. To carry around the flat repair kit, you will need a saddle bag. The saddle bag will come handy as it can store many items, like your snacks, lip balm, sunscreen, and multi-tool box, apart from your flat repair kit. The many pouches in the saddle bag will help you arrange these items in an organized manner.

Accessories for safety

You may be having special shoes to last through the entire period of biking. In addition to this, you should carry an extra set of footwear for the time that is spent outside the bike. You should also carry a U lock with you so as to secure the bike when you leave it out of your sight. A good U lock will ensure that your bike remains secured in the place where you left it.

Carry food and books

You can also carry books and board games to keep yourself occupied, when you are not riding your bike. To prevent yourself from getting tired and fatigued during the bike ride, you should carry with you food items like chocolate and cereal bars, which are a good source of quick energy.

It is advised that you wear bright colors while you are on the road. This will make you more visible to the speeding vehicles on the highway, thereby reducing the chance of accidents. You can also carry a good cotton scarf with you, as it serves many purposes. You can use the scarf to protect your face from dust and wind. The scarf can also be used to wipe your bike and tent, in case there is an occurrence of rain.

 A sleeping bag for the night

A deluxe sleeping bag becomes essential, when you decide to camp at night, after a long day of biking. The sleeping bag may seem quite heavy, but you needn’t worry about the weight affecting your back, as it’ll fit perfectly on your bike. This sleeping bag will ensure that you are able to rest comfortably whenever you feel like, during your bike trip.


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