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Tips for Buying Motorcycle Luggage Bags

Papers, first aid kit, tools, gadgets, toiletries, and clothes, you will need motorcycle luggage bags for at least these during your motorcycle journey of more than a day. Among these, the gadgets are comparatively newer entry in the motorcycle luggage niche. Accordingly, bags are being devised with higher competence and are available in different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. As a biker and a buyer, you should go for the type that suits you the best according to your journey and your personal preferences. Of course, make your final list of the stuff you will carry so that you know what best will match up to your needs. Beyond the basic choices of synthetic leather material, secure buckles, mounting type, etc., here are some ‘extra’ tips for buying good motorcycle luggage bags:


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  • Technological Device Friendly Bags: Cell phones, GPS, digital camera, iPod, altimeter, etc., the devices you carry can range higher depending upon your technological aptitude. Do check if your motorcycle luggage bags can safely hold your gadgets. Usually the tank bags are the potential bets here. They come with different pockets for different devices. Some of these bags even contain a separate port for wires and headphones to help you tune in your iPods and hands free.
  • Magnetic Bags: Again, this variety is usually available in tank bags. You can easily fix your tank bag to your metallic fuel tank with the help of the strong magnetic attachment it has. Even during the invigorating rides at maddening speed, you can stay carefree of your magnetically fixed tank bag. Note that the magnet may damage your electronic gadgets. Therefore, ensure either that your devices are immune to the magnetic influence, or you can go for the non-magnetic motorcycle luggage bags.
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  • Waterproof Bags: They help protect all your stuff from rains, dew, and any unpredictable situation or terrain like crossing a shallow stream of water. You especially need to guard your gadgets against these hydrated uncertainties.
  • Size Economy: Multiple pockets or partitions immensely help organize the stuff. You can take out or put in back the stuff you need without disturbing the other things.


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  • Highlight: Some motorcycle luggage bags, especially the tail bags, have fluorescent colors for auto-highlighting at the night. This helps the other drivers understand your bike’s rear limits. Therefore, going for such colors for the motorcycle luggage bags is a bright idea.


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