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Top Car Problems And The Cost to Fix Them

Over the course of an average year’s driving, your car takes a lot of abuse. Even if you’re a careful driver, park off-street, and stay on top of basic maintenance tasks, your can’t prevent damage from potholes, or general wear and tear.

Every year, one third of cars that are past their manufacturer’s warranty period will suffer some form of mechanical breakdown.  Warranty Direct published some statistics about the most common breakdowns, as well as typical repair bills.  The most common faults have been compiled into this handy infographic.

You’ll be relieved to know that the most expensive faults, such as £800 turbo breakdowns, affect only a handful of motorists.  Unfortunately, the top ten isn’t exactly a collection of easy repair jobs.  The cheapest repair bill in the top ten is for replacing wheel bearings – and that costs £301!  If your radiator develops a fault, something which accounts for 2.8% of manufacturer’s warranty repairs each year, then you can expect to pay almost £500 to get it fixed.

Some of these jobs are candidates for self repair by dedicated DIY enthusiasts, but others, such as electronics related repairs, are best left to the experts.  If there was ever a good reason to invest in breakdown cover, this infographic is it!

Source:  Main Dealer Discount